macOS Sierra SmartCard Commands

Here are a few useful commands for working with SmartCard pairing in macOS Sierra and later.

This command will show the hash of the user name you specify.
sc_auth list username
You can then use that hash to unpair card if you need to using the following command.
sc_auth unpair -h hash (hash is the hash string that is produced from the sc_auth list username command.)
To enable or disable native smartcard pairing all together run use the following commands.
sc_auth pairing_ui -s disable
sc_auth pairing_ui -s enable

For more information regarding the sc_auth commands you can check out the Man pages for sc_auth.

Getting Started with Adobe CC and Munki

I have been tasked by my organization to install Adobe Creative Cloud apps on our twenty plusĀ users computers who use it. We don’t utilize the teams or enterprise dashboard. Just the trusty ol’ serial number and Creative Cloud Packager.

This post is going to focus on getting Adobe Creative Cloud apps added to the Munki repo and successfully pushed out to users with no errors or Munki continuous install loops. The end goal is for the user to install the Adobe CC apps using Munki, and not require the user to sign in to Creative Cloud Desktop App in order to use the program. When the program is launched it should open and work.

Note: This post assumes you have some basic knowledge of Munki, MunkiAdmin (GUI for Munki) and a Munki Repo is setup and running.


Munki Tools, MunkiAdmin (GUI for Munki), Adobe Creative Cloud Packager, TextWrangler


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